Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Actually, it is the best timing ever.

On Monday I sent out to a tweet to my followers on my other Twitter account a notice saying that I was retiring from that account and putting my energies into this one. A lot of folks said how it was bad timing, due to the fact that the very next day Theresa May announces a General Election in the UK.

But to me it was perfect timing, I am still going to be putting that account to rest but over the next 50 days it will give me time to promote this to the 11,000 plus followers of that account at the same time. (I added some 300 followers to that account since the announcement) All things happen for a reason and it is why I want to do this blog to put that theory into practise and document the journey. I now have 50 days of fun electoral stats to enjoy and opportunities to launch this endeavour.

Great times ahead.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

First milestone passed

In cricket, you would be at this point, taking off your helmet. directing your bat towards a significant other in the main pavilion and taking the applause of the crowd.

The reason for all this would be that you have just made your first century. For this blog we have gone passed a 100 connections (at time of blog post 115). I know for some thye may find that laughable. But it is a milestone, to get to your destination you must pass each and every marker to get there.

Currently we have left the boundaries of our out going location and go forward into the unknown. Knowing the destination but not sure on how you are going to reach it.

I have set myself mile stones along the way, this being the first 100, then it would be 500, then a 1,000, then 5,000, then 10,000, then 50,000 then 100,000 then 500,000 then finally the target of a million.

The gaps between each will become further but no less celebrated. Thank you for those who have connected already and I look forward to all the future connections 115 down 999,885 connections to go.

You can connect in various ways which you will see in either side bar.

I think I will resist doing the press ups which now seems to be associated with making a century.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Putting to bed a past blog and account.

It has been great fun running my blogs about the 2015 then the run up to the 2020 General Election

link to last post on those blogs  But had become a chore, you have to be on the ball every Friday morning, or when an opinion poll had been launched. With a wife and work it was not possible to be always there when you needed to be. What had been fun wasn;t and that is not the way to run your life.

I look back and enjoy the memories of seeing my twitter account pinging away all night, seeing that I had over 4 million impressions during a month, having my blog getting more traffic than some of the political parties I were following.

It made money it gave me great memories, and now for the moment it rests in peace as I now devote my spare time to this. I can pick this up and down as needed, I am the master of this blog not it's servant.

Quite looking forward to seeing where this takes me and building up another blog, it is always exciting to build up from nothing. Lets see where it takes us, hope you enjoy the ride.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Game on, in regards to a million connections.

Work as usual always gets in the way of all the fun stuff you wish to do. I have been spending a hour here or half an hour there setting up this blog, mostly opening accounts and setting up buttons, none of which actually attracting connections. But as like when building a house a lot of money, time and resources go into the foundations. So it can sometimes feel like you have done a lot but not got anywhere and as we as humans like instant gratification it was sowing seeds of doubt of was this a daft idea?

Well it is a daft idea, but it is harmless it is just a way of exploring with a kind of purpose, surfing the Internet and gathering up what you find as you go a long.

So yesterday I started a game on Facebook, you will see the link below. One simple message on it's main page asking for friends to help play the game got me 38 friends in the first 12 hours, because the connections I am trying to make are of other folks free will not me pestering saying be my friend, be my friend and sending multiple requests it is folks who find me.

So in the style of the fast show, currently you will find me mostly playing Megapolis when not gathering connections.

Game On!

Friday, 14 April 2017

How can you lose a boot as you are walking?

On my endeavour to find as many ways to connect with people I have joined instagram. It is a site I had heard of but never ventured on, so by doing this project it has taken me somewhere I normally wouldn't go.

It seems that it is communication via photos, I am not a selfie person, and in the spirit of Tom Hanks I am going to take photos of random things I find on my walks.

Here is my first find.

feel free to follow me (connectmillions) is my user name

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

What have I been up to?

Well, there are now a couple more buttons, feedjit and a stat checker button. Love stats, who is coming from where and when. It is more to do with what will be working and how to keep on doing the stuff that works.

A couple of posts on a few forums to advertise what I am doing, a couple of comments on blogs. This is after all a slow meander it is more or less like walking to India from the North of England rather then catching a plane. currently I have got to the end of the road and stopped at the cafe for a cup of tea.

Well just a quick post as life and work intervene now.

Monday, 10 April 2017

The story so far day 4

So slowly but surely I am setting up this blog, and the off shoots to help. As it seems everyone has to have one I have set up a Facebook page. Couldn't do  a million connections but I can be called connect millions. Go figure!

But it is now another way in which you can connect and share and help me reach the million connections mark. So while I have a little time I am going to click the next blog button and see what ideas I can find or connections to be made.

1st up is which had it's last post in 2011, did have a tag for guest book which gave back grounds. but even most of its blogs list had given up a few years ago. It seems I am not alone with great start up ideas and then they wither and fade.

then we press next blog 2nd up  a personal blog last posted 2012, but in the blog list is someone who has posted 4 days ago, have I found one still blogging? It leads me to @KelleHampton 

It is worth a look and it is someone who seems to seriously monetise their blog posts. No mean feat. So comment left another person followed and will see if we get any links back.

3rd stop as I press the next blog button. and this is where fate, cause and effect, I feel we all have a connection, and things where as you may feel are not planned, I do think the ideas are put before you and it is what you do with them which defines what will happen in your life.

So I find this post need vs wants, which near enough describes some of what I am going thru in my own head at the moment concerning work. There is the one side where it is what I think what I want, and then the other side which is what I need. Although I am not religious it is always said god will give you what you need not what you want. Funny old world, to come across this post, a bit like getting a horoscope in the paper which is spot on for once.

There ends the lesson of day 4